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From July 30 to August 8



This is a project created by LUMA ARTISTAS SL and directed by María Farelo and Cristian Pérez.


Anticovid Bubble, here you will just breathe just fresh air and flamenco. We are located 50 minutes from Madrid downtown. It is a Toledo province small town, called Escalona del Alberche.

This project arises from such a remarkable thirst for flamenco on the part of thousands of students all over the world. As we well know, flamenco is not simply an artistic performance, flamenco is a lifestyle.

Adapting to this new life that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought us, we could not allow it to forbid us to continue dancing and feeling flamenco. For this reason we have chosen a natural area of 150 hectares in a small town in Toledo province, called Escalona del Alberche. It is located 50 minutes from Madrid downtown

Flamenco from the moment you wake up until you go to bed and even when you are sleeping you dream of elf.

There we will create a bubble group. Before starting the stay, we confirm the appropriate sanitary measures, students must be in perfect health. In this way we will be safe and avoid any possible infection during those 10 days.

Once all students are inside the camp, it only remains to enjoy 24 hours per day.

Wake up in the morning to the sound of nature, meet your colleagues in the living room and have breakfast. Get ready to take classes with your artistic references throughout the morning. And now it’s time to eat at our buffet and then take a break in the hottest hours. You can do it lying under the shade of an olive tree, cooling off in one of the pools or perhaps you opt for any other adventure activity such as horse riding, archerying, canoeing in our lake …
Then the afternoon arrives and around 6:00 p.m. we put our shoes back on to continue soaking up our guest teachers.


When the sun sets, we will go to dinner in the light of the moon and the stars and we will be able to enjoy of the day mood, it can be a flamenco party or watching a flamenco documentary as a summer cinema, sitting down to chat with the guest teachers and ask them about everything that you never had the opportunity


The flamenco camp

Flamenco is also improvisation: Let’s improvise at the flamenco camp!

And now we only have to rest in the cozy wooden cottages with all the comforts, where even in the middle of summer you would be able to sleep quietly because:

At the edge of the river,

the cool in the night runs inside,

cover yourself with the blanket,

that the night dreams flamenco.

Imagine this for a moment, it is great, isn’t it?, don’t hesitate …



If after these “FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS” you still have unanswered questions, do not hesitate to write to us.

Of course; vegan, celiac, allergic and intolerant menus will be available. When we arrange your stay, we will ask you and our chefs will prepare a menu according to your needs.

Actually from the age of 14. But if any student is under 14 years old and wants to participate, we will evaluate the case and find out if due to the training they have been doing, they could follow the routines without difficulty. And if it is favorable they will be able to come without problem. Participants under 18 years old must also fill out a permission of the father, mother or legal tutor.

Sure. First of all, the performances will be open to the public. Unless the alarm system or restrictions don’t allow us. Later we will air more information related to the performances’ tickets and attendance.

Indeed yes. Regarding accommodation, the rate includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodation. With daily cleaning service.

The camp will have a kiosk available with basic necessity products that may be useful. In addition, you will also find soft drinks and snacks. But if you need something that we did not have, you can ask for it and they will deliver it to your cottage.

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